10 Mother’s Day Gifts Busy Moms Hate

So, Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and I know, everyone and their mama is searching for that perfect Mother’s Day gift. Well, everyone except for me. I’m a free spirit, and I don’t have designated holidays. So, guys, don’t take offense when I don’t send you a “Happy/Merry Whatever” text or don’t respond to yours. It is literally just a regular day for me, and y’all know I don’t respond to my text messages until, like the next day. I don’t just pick out one random day in May to make my mom feel special. I make it a point to always treat her with respect and dignity, and make her proud like 95% of the time. The other 5% you can blame on my free spirit. Luckily, my mom is an individual that loves everyone unconditional and she gets the same love from all eleven of her kids. With that being said, could you imagine eleven kids bringing trinkets and other daunting gifts to a busy mom on a random day in May. Just the thought, makes me frantic, and I only have four kids! I have put together a list of things that busy moms probably despise for Mother’s Day, along with a list of things we would adore. If you agree with the list share on your social media pages, if not, just politely, don’t share.

1. Expensive gifts from their spouse. If I am sharing a domicile with you, we are probably combining our incomes. Which means, if I didn’t purchase the expensive gift for myself, we couldn’t afford it, or it just wasn’t worth it.

2. Spa, nail bar, massage and/or salon coupons. We don’t have time to book appointments and they will expire. Opt for a gift card to Target. We always find time to go there.

3. Flower bouquets. Unless you have a green thumb or are an avid gardener, those pretty little petals will be dead in a few days. Then we'll be walking around the house looking at the brown blooms because we don’t want to throw them away, because you will say something negative about the disposal.

4. Store bought cards. These are so cliche and not sentimental at all, for me anyway

5. Balloons. I hate to be the Debbie Downer, but I always see things for what they could be. Balloon bouquets are festive and beautiful, but eventually turns into non biodegradable trash. SAVE THE PLANET

6. Jewelry. As much as we love you guys, we really don’t have many places to wear the jewelry you give us yearly, anywhere except church and fancy events we can’t go to because we are too busy.

7. Robes. Most of the time, we fall asleep in an oversize t-shirt and boy shorts, and don’t truly have time to choose out a cute little robe from our closet or drawer. If we have one at home already, that’s quite enough.

8. Lingerie. Ewww! Just NO! That’s like a Father’s Day gift.

9. Candy. Just know that we are always on a diet and it pains us to eat it, but we definitely don’t want to disappoint you so we ,reluctantly, eat it.

10. Expensive chocolate covered fruit bouquets. Those things cost a fortune. The entire time we are eating them, we are thinking about the $60 you spent and how much fresh fruit we could have purchased with that money. If you must purchase chocolate covered fruits, purchase from a small business that delivers. It will cost less and be much fresher. Sweet Cups is great!


Okay, so now that I have listed everything you were going to buy, I won’t leave you gift clueless. Here are 10 Things We Do Want.

1. Hand written cards, letters and crafts from our kids and spouse. $$$:FREE

2. Our kids to clean their room and spouse to deep clean the house. Not just the normal pick up everything in the living room because company is coming over. Clean showers and tubs, under the sofas, under the bed and closets, pantry, and refrigerator. $$$:FREE just ask us where the cleaning supplies are.

3. Washed and vacuumed vehicle. $$$:5-10

4. A prepaid photo shoot with our kids! Check out Shutter J Photography for inspiration. $$$: vary :For booking and prices click here

5. A completed oil change and tire rotation. (No coupons, we don’t have time)

$$$: the price you were going to pay for that expensive gift, only we will approve of this one.

6. A really good audio book to listen to when we are doing house work. $$$:under 10

7. STARBUCKS GIFT CARD! We will find time to swing by there and use every cent on the gift card. $$$:whatever you desire

8. Cheap wine like Mogen David to aid us in falling asleep. $$$: 9

9. Things we need to do our job efficiently. (i.e. Nurse-compression socks, a new, prettier stethoscope preferably Littman. Teacher- classroom supplies, a rolling crate or bag for lugging around paper to grade and other supplies).

10. A well kept yard. Cut grass, pick up toys, water plants, sweep patio/porch, put chemicals to keep animals away. We would love to sit out and enjoy the patio without the distraction of trash, disorganized toys and uninvited nature critters. Except birds. Oh yes, fill the bird feeder.


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