5 Ways To Prepare + Decompress For Your Workday

I‘m the nurse that pulls up in the parking lot, speakers banging, car shaking, sunglasses on deck! Excuse my professionalism.

What’s on your preparing for work playlist?

Small fact about me: Lil Wayne is my absolute favorite artist, so naturally I am listening to to entire “No Ceilings “ album. But the one song I’m pulling up in the parking lot blasting is “Steady Mobbin” 🤣 If you know the lyrics then you know I be so hype when I get in the building. So how do you prepare for your work day? I am a stickler for not bringing anything work related home. The minute I walk out of the building, I have no recollection of anything work related.


✔️ Prepare by waking up early and give yourself enough time to do getting ready tasks

✔️ Do not even look at your phone. This will definitely hold you up in bed for at least 10min.

✔️ Enter your workspace with a clear mind.

Leave home problems, home.

✔️ Come to work prepared. Luckily for me, my “preparation” is literally, just showing up. I’ve been in this game for 13 years so I don’t need much preparation. The downside of my job is that I have to be prepared to perform, ten toes down, the minute I walk in the building.


✔️ Lastly, Let It Go! What goes in that work building, stays in that work building. When I have a rough night I decompress. I sit in my car under my garage for at least 30 minutes, just staring, before going into the house. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CLwh-LehRON/?igshid=1vkg25c6nff5j

These tips can make for a good shift and promote a healthy work/life balance.