9Ways To A Happier You

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

This girl has seen it all. She is someone who has struggled with depression, and lives with anxiety daily, has juggled with finding a major she enjoyed, has failed a semester of nursing school, struggles with obesity, has been a single mother, lived in public housing, utilized government assistance. Just because I have prevailed to the other side of the spectrum doesn't mean I don't know the struggle. I can post days and days of beautiful pictures and fun times, but beneath it all is a past and current slew of events and struggles that contribute to my unbending happiness. Should you be shocked that sometimes you will suffer?  1 Peter 4:13,  "But rejoice inasmuch as you participate in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed when his glory is revealed." Honey, even Christ suffered , but prevailed in glory!

1 ■Tangible things are not a source of satisfaction! I adore and thrive on experiences. Especially experiences with my loved ones. You can buy, and get the newest and best of something, and NEVER be satisfied. Humans are not built for ultimate satisfaction with earthly things .

2 ■ Your time is valuable, so don't waste it on things that don't feed your happiness. I don't sit around too long with people who are not moving forward. If I can't learn something new from you, or teach you something,our conversation will probably not be very long. I am giving you my precious time and energy and expect something positive to arise from it.

3 ■Make your kids your priority! Point blank, I know that my kids are a source, equivalent to 110% of my happiness. I am raising my kids with a firm foundation of love and happiness in the home. I don't expect them to waste their energy on trying to chase other sources of love and satisfaction. Each kid is different and gets the amount of attention and privacy they need. They know that they can ask, tell, or challenge me about anything (after thorough research of course).

4 ■Self acceptance is a great coping tool. Everyone in the world reacts to experiences differently, thanks to our coping mechanism. We have all heard the saying "Rich people problems ". We have all sat there in front of the television and came up with simple 10 second solutions to problems that would take a reality star a whole season to figure out. When you realize your worth and stop trying to please the world, or anyone else, for that matter, solutions come easy.

5 ■Don't take on other people's problems. It's okay to lend a helping hand or advice, but certainly don't indulge yourself in your friend's problems. It is not fair for your friend to expect you to put your energy into their issue. Be a listening ear, of course, but don't indulge in the situation. The solution and actions taken to combat the issue at hand will ultimately come down to what the other person wants to do. I guarantee that the energy you were going to put into the situation would not affect the decision significantly enough to even remember, weeks down the road.

6 ■BE SELFISH. Simply put, you have to take care of yourself before you can begin to even think about taking care of anyone else. I am a mother, wife, and nurse. I take care of people, around the clock. I would not be able to do a very good job of giving myself if I don't take care of my sleep, nutrition, spiritual, and health needs first.

7 ■"I Can't" is not an option. How would you know you couldn't do something if you didn't try every time? My kids don't even foster the idea that some things are impossible, because I don't entertain the idea of not trying. If it has been done before, it definitely can be done again.

8 ■It's okay to be wrong. Just admit it, find the right answer or solution, and move on. Make it a learning experience and move forward with your newly found information. You still come out ahead with a wrong, because you gain additional knowledge.

9 ■RUN YOUR OWN RACE. Make the best of YOUR situation. You cannot run a race if you keep looking in others lane. You will certainly slow your progress or even trip and fall. Life is your race. You are not going to always finish first in the grand scheme of things. In relation to running a race with yourself being the only competitor, you will definitely finish first!