Updated: Dec 16, 2019

See Every Room Inside click the video below

Candy,candy everywhere and samples you can eat! Yes I'm talking about the very popular Candytopia attraction,located in Atlanta and Dallas. This is an Instagram blogger and/or influencer's dream. This attraction included multiple candy stops and colorful interactive rooms. Best of all, you get candy in everyone! You can go alone and still have great pictures to share with everyone. Just download the app and Canytopia’s team does the rest.There is a picture stop in each room and pictures are sent straight to the app. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to bring the entire gang. Check out our video tour here.

Upon arrival, You, literally, get the red carpet treatment. You're instantly on a path through an outside Candyland. Wowzers,is all I can say. As we entered the first room you immediately walked up to a bucket of candy then frolic through a candy enchanted forest. The next room is a holding room for the upcoming adventure. The first main room features a character that looks like she is straight out of a Willy Wonka movie. There were clocks everywhere! One particular clock had hidden chocolate candy for us to nibble on.

The next room was a candy playground with super sweet swings. That was our favorite room. There was a picture stand that automatically crop you into a puddle of chocolate candy. The next room was a room full of clouds with gigantic balls and had a colorful optical illusion. Your picture was taken and it looked like you were falling into a colorful hole. The next room featured and underwater world with creatures made of candy.

Picture taken by Candytopia picture station

The next stop featured art masterpieces made of candy. You can see some of your favorite stars made completely out of candy. After going through the optical illusion tunnel you will be in for a great surprise. Whoa! A confetti filled room. This had to be my kids favorite room. Literally, every inch of the room was filled with confetti. There was a spinning wheel you could sit on and get your picture taken from the top point of view. There was also an area you can stand and get confetti blown on you after a countdown. Next was a transition room where you clean off all of your confetti. Every last bit is blown off with a hose. Onto the marshmallow pit room. I believe this is the most Instagram'd room in the entire exhibit. You fall right to a pit of marshmallows which is extremely hard to get out of because it is so comfortable. The finale in the marshmallow pit is marshmallows being blown from a unicorn after a countdown.

This has got to be one the funnest collaborations we have had thus far. The Noel Gang totally gives this place two thumbs up.

A few things are for sure:

  • This was a very fun and interactive experience.

  • Colorful and vibrant.

  • Candy in every room.

  • And who doesn't like a great Instagram photo op?

The best part is that they take pictures of you in each room. The pics arrived via Candytopia app in seconds! We will definitely be visiting again! CandyTopia thanks for having us over and proving why this highly interactive Candyland is a one-of-a-kind adventure.

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