Get Into Every National Park FREE!

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Get your fourth grader (or equivalent) free pass today, by clicking on the picture below or the link in the blog post.

“Average savings for my family:Carlsbad Caverns National Park ($24), Grand Canyon National Park ($60), Red Rock Canyon National Conservation. ($30)-Nika

Who wouldn't like to have every national park in the United States at their fingertips? With the Every Kid In A Park Pass, your fourth grader is given the opportunity to explore every national park for free! Visit to claim your fourth grader's pass today. Each pass has a unique code, so print it out. Electronic passes are not accepted. Upon arriving at the entry site of your preferred park, hand over your printed pass to the park ranger and gain free entry. If there is no one at the entrance of the park, simply put it on your dashboard. Some sites will exchange the paper pass for a cool plastic card.