Updated: Dec 16, 2019


(L toR) Karson, Karli, Nika, Kenadi, Kaegan, Kendall, Rondale
The Noel Gang on the Scenic Loop at Red Rock Canyon

While planning our visit to attend my brother’s wedding in Las Vegas, I decided to search for some kid friendly activities in Las Vegas. I had never been there before, so I had no Idea what to expect. To be honest, I only heard horror stories of drug ridden streets and drunk patrons. So, needless to say, that put a damper on my enthusiasm to visit this great city. To my surprise, I was able to find activities, not far from the “The Las Vegas Strip”. Mind you, we are a family traveling with four kids, sometimes five when my stepson accompanies us. I was not trying to introduce my kids to the prenotion atmosphere of Vegas.

Check out our hike in Chatsworth, California!

My kids age ranges are pretty close ( 8,10,11,11,and 12 years old), so it’s no challenge to find activities they all enjoy. We are a very active and outgoing family, so activities have to fit our vibe and lifestyle. We only do indoor activities if its educational. Our favorite activity is hiking so we went with the option to visit Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, located in the Mojave Desert. Luckily, for us there were several hikes to choose from. Twenty six hiking trails to be exact. Visit for a list and explanation of each hike.

The kids learning about different species found in the national conservation area.

Earlier that day, we went up to the visitor center and learned the history and important facts about Red Rock Canyon. The staff provided the kids with learning material and coloring books. We visited the gift shop for souvenirs ( we are magnet addicts!). Then we got in our car to take the Scenic Loop Drive around the canyon. It is a 13 mile scenic route that allows you to view from your vehicle or bike, with stopping markers for pictures. The scenery is amazing and picturesque! You, literally, cannot take a bad picture out there.

We decide to do the sunset hike because the temperatures were up to 116͒ F and I was afraid of the kids getting overheated during the day. The sunset hike began around 6:30 pm and returned at about 9pm. Our group consisted of fifteen people. It was lead by a park ranger, who took his time to explain every flower and animal he saw or could imagine on the trail. This was a big plus for my kids and I, especially since I am a visual learner. This was more information and hands on experience than any book you could have read.

Mid point in the hike, he took us to a hidden creek. I was shocked because not many people know that there are places with abundant water in the desert. This was our turn around point because it was getting dark. So we clicked our flashlights on and headed back to our vehicle. We made a few stops of the way back, mainly for explanations of plants and animals we had not discussed earlier. This was our first ever night hike! I can't express how grateful we were to have an awesome park ranger and a group of strangers with good vibes accompanying us. This adventure is highly recommended by the gang. We will definitely be participating in this activity every time we are in Las Vegas or the surrounding areas.