Visit The Nation's Largest Indoor Theme Park at Mall Of America

Nickelodeon Universe, Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium and more!

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It was all a dream, literally! I’ve always dreamed of visiting the Mall of America and it finally happened! As many of you may know I am not a fan of vacationing in the colder months. It was really far from my lane when I scheduled a vacation up north during the cold season. Weeks leading up to vacation, due to the cold weather, I was regretting it already.

Regardless, of what conditions were ahead, I was determined to get to the Mall of America. I just knew once I stepped into Nickelodeon Universe I would be hit with the sweet feeling of nostalgia.

It was about 30° F in Minnesota and I didn’t think about the cold weather one bit. We spent an entire day at the mall. If you plan on visiting make sure you allow time in your itinerary for a full day at the mall. With 500+ stores and 12 attractions at bay you are sure to be entertained every second of the day. 

List of Attractions

Nickelodeon Universe

CMX Market Cinema Experience 

Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium 

Crayola Experience 

Fly Over America 

The Lego Store

 Rock of Ages Blacklight Mini Golf 

Moose Mountain Adventure Golf 

The Escape Game

 5D Extreme Attraction by Matrix Technology

 XD Ride

The Void

Not only are the attractions in close proximity, but your taste buds will be jumping for joy with the 90+ dining options. The Mall of America is home to the nation's largest indoor theme park, Nickelodeon Universe. For half the price of Disney, we spent most of our day at Nickelodeon Universe. We had such an amazing time. The kids were able to go from ride to ride without me hovering over them like a helicopter mom. There were rides in attractions for any age group. The lines were not long at all. The kids were more than appreciative because they were able to ride their favorite ride four to five times.

We made our way to Sea Life  Minnesota Aquarium and was amazed at all of the unique sea creatures inside. The kids had an encounter with sharks and were able to touch starfish. We visited H&M , Sugar Factory, The Lego Store and the food court. We had such an amazing day! If you are looking for a great family getaway, put Mall of America on your list.

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