Why I Love to Travel

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

(L to R) Nika, Kenadi(11), Kendall(12), Kaegan (11), Karli(8), Rondale(dad),Karson (11)
Grand Canyon National Park

As a kid, I struggled with lessons such as geography. I made excellent grades, and learning came easy, but I could not grasp the concept of just reading about a specific location without ever visiting.

I would literally have to visit or visualize the destination, through a picture or video. I guess you can say I am a visual learner. My love for travel came from, none other than, my mother. I get so excited when she tells the story of how she ventured out of the country, moving to Germany, with her then husband. She was only a teenager! That spelled out bravery and curiosity to me. I could remember her taking us on mini vacations when I was very young. We were a very large family, probably eight to ten kids at a that time, but that didn't stop her.

I decided that I would give my kids every opportunity to travel that I could afford. I want them to have a first hand experience and personally visualize places they read about in history and geography books.

One of my favorite sayings is,[I live a stress free life!] I am able to achieve serenity through the open road and the great outdoors. That is one of the best medicinal therapies one can ask for.